Tainted Saints by Rosa Lee (epub)

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Tainted Saints by Rosa Lee (epub)

What if everything you’ve ever needed, is everything you can never have?

In the opulent British Ambassador’s residence, nestled near Washington DC, an unexpected encounter awaits that will rock everything I thought I knew and change the course of my life. At my new school I meet the enigmatic Tainted Saints—three mesmerising men who become the protectors I never knew I needed.

However, my sordid past unravels as the Ambassador, the man who sired me but will never earn the title of father, reveals his true depravity. With a shocking thirst for blood, he tests the limits of his monstrous nature.

Can I escape his clutches and find true freedom? Or will my life be forever tethered to him instead of the deserving men who have captured my heart?

“Tainted Saints” is a stand alone, compelling retelling, where our fearless heroine need not choose between her impassioned suitors. Discover a world where the boundaries of desire and possibility collide. Brace yourself for a dark romance, but please heed the warnings at the book’s outset—this tale is not for the faint of heart.

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