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Tempted by Cindy Stark (epub) Aspen Book 7

Noelle Parker has spent far too much time searching for Mr. Right, only to find endless Mr. Wrongs. Taking a break from the dating game, she pours her passion into her thriving coffee shop, the cozy sanctuary she’s built from the ground up. She resolves to avoid any man who threatens to disrupt her carefully constructed plans, especially the attractive guy who could plow over her heart like he did the field of wildflowers next to her coffee haven.

Kade Collier carries the weight of a shattered heart. On the heels of a failed marriage, he’s come to the charming small town of Aspen hoping to build not just a new motel, but a new life. As fate would have it, Kade’s path intertwines with Noelle’s when he volunteers to teach an auto maintenance class.
Unable to resist the magnetic pull between them, Kade playfully flirts with Noelle, gradually blurring the lines between friendship and something more. Noelle, yearning to shield herself from heartache, struggles to resist Kade’s allure, but he slips past her defenses.

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