The Adventures of Lucy and Siseal Passwords by Sarah M Dyson (epub) FREE

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The Adventures of Lucy and Siseal Passwords by Sarah M Dyson (epub) FREE

Lucy and her exciting journey of understanding the internet and the importance of online privacy. Lucy stumbles upon a screen in a park on her way to school, where she meets Siseal, an avatar who lives on the internet. Throughout her usual school day, the concept of internet privacy and the significance of personal passwords confuses Lucy. Through her teacher Ms. Wimble’s patience and explanations, Lucy learns that sharing passwords is like allowing others into your personal space and property, causing problems.

Later, Lucy re-encounters Siseal, who further expands her understanding by linking password protection at school with similar practices at home, explaining how individual logins can help safeguard her family’s digital possessions.

With an engaging narrative and appealing characters, “Lucy Learns About Cyber Security” is an educational tool sensitizing young readers to the significance of digital safety and responsibility in a fun and relatable way. It is an enlightening read for children growing up in a digital age, preparing them to be responsible netizens.

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