The Alien’s Escape by Ella Blake (epub)

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The Alien’s Escape by Ella Blake (epub) Craving the Heveians Book 4

So, I have the hots for my alien doctor. Jorok saved my life after being trapped in a filthy cell. He’s gorgeous and way too serious for his own good. To get to know him better, I tag along on an errand, but we’re kidnapped and forced to nurse an alien captain’s sick crew. To avoid being sold, I pretend to be Jorok’s mate (which isn’t difficult). I thought things couldn’t get worse from there. I was wrong.

Kiki is utterly delectable. She’s brilliant, amusing, and beautiful, but she’s also my queen’s sister and deserves someone who can devote more time to her. Which I can’t, since I’m a physician to the ship’s entire crew. When she and I travel to a merchant city for supplies, we’re taken by a band of Gutturians who want me to cure their crew of a mystery sickness. A deathbed confession sets us off on a quest to uncover the source of the oppressive group, who is determined to wipe out my people…and hers. Kiki’s intoxicating charms are the least of my problems…and one I can no longer resist.

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