The Alpha Got Me by Anne T. Thyssen (epub) FREE

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The Alpha Got Me by Anne T. Thyssen (epub) FREE Book 1 of Claimed by Alphas

River has always been seen as the obedient omega, destined to fulfill society’s expectations. But on the eve of her 23rd birthday, everything changed. Determined to reclaim her own destiny, River sneaks out to a club to lose her virginity before being bound to Conan, a powerful alpha, demanding her, but things rarely go according to plan.
As River finds a stranger to explore new territory with her, she stumbles upon her true alpha mate.

Their connection is undeniable, awakening a passionate fire within her that cannot be contained. But with the discovery of her true mate comes a whirlwind of challenges and dilemmas.
Caught between her yearning for freedom and the weight of tradition, River must confront the choices that will shape her future. Will she follow her heart’s desires, defying the norms that confine her? Or will duty and obligation force her down a path she never desired?

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