The Author by LoveBite Shorts (Epub & Audiobook)

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The Author by LoveBite Shorts (Epub & Audiobook)

After working on his precious manuscript for nearly two years, Kyle Mathers was relieved to have finally finished and sent his book to the publishers. He had suffered from writer’s block and pressure from various parties to write another book. It felt like he was past his biggest hurdle. He was livid when his publishers got back in touch with him and accused him of plagiarism. Every dark word he had ever written, he wanted to unleash it towards the lying, cheating, thieving little bitch who stole his work.

Little did he know she was going to become his horrific masterpiece.

Kyle is not an anti-hero. He is not a morally grey man. He is a nasty, demented villain with little to no redeemable qualities. You’ve been warned.

For dark & dirty minds only.

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