The Beachfront Retreat by Ainsley Keaton (epub)

The Beachfront Retreat by Ainsley Keaton (epub)
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Ainsley Keaton

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The Beachfront Retreat by Ainsley Keaton (epub)

Hallie is having the time of her life working at the retreat. There, she meets Pete, a shy and overweight man who tugs on Hallie’s heartstrings. Pete needs Hallie, which is very attractive to her. But she also has a thing for Conrad, her housemate. When she’s given a choice between the two, who will she choose?

Meanwhile, Fiona Kennedy, who is an acquaintance of Samantha’s, and an A-List, Academy Award-winning actress, joins the group. She has everything in her life except a family. But she discovers she was adopted and her mother is Greer Davidson, who is a tarot reader and new friend of Willow’s. Fiona also finds out that she has another destiny, and a different calling. She’s a natural matchmaker, although she’s just finding this out. Her sister is also living nearby, in a trailer park in the Pacific Palisades. Fiona is beyond excited to have a family. But will her family accept her?

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