The Billionaire’s Seduction Revenge by Clare Connelly FREE (epub, PDF)


The Billionaire’s Seduction Revenge by Clare Connelly FREE
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Clare Connelly
May 28, 2023
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The Billionaire’s Seduction Revenge by Clare Connelly epub pdf FREE

He won’t rest ’til he knows all her secrets…but will they ever trust each other?

It all started with the best of intentions. After all, he’d seen this before. His grandfather was a sucker for a beautiful woman and the one installed in his poolhouse at present was particularly gorgeous. So arriving to discover this cosy domestic setup, what choice does Vasilios have? To save his dying grandfather from doing something really stupid—like falling head over heels for the Australian and leaving all his money to her in his will, Vasilios has to take matters into his own hands. And he suspects he’s going to enjoy it…
Traumatised by events from her past, Emma’s come to the south of Italy to heal. A chance meeting with a dying old man leads her to take a short-term job as his companion. After everything she’s been through, it feels good to help someone. Besides which, she enjoys his company. But with the arrival of the sexy billionaire bachelor Vasilios, Emma suddenly has to focus all of her attention on remembering why she’s so determined to keep a wall around her bruised and battered heart. Being seduced by Vasilios is one thing, but she’ll never be stupid enough to let herself care for him!

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