The Black Dragon by Kathryn Le Veque (epub)

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The Black Dragon by Kathryn Le Veque (epub) The Executioner Knights Book 14

Get ready for another passionate adventure from the Executioner Knights universe. It’s a battle for true love in this stunning and diverse Medieval epic set in Plantagenet England.

Welcome to the world of THE BLACK DRAGON!

Addax al-Kort was not born in England.

As the heir to the throne of a defunct distant kingdom (near present day Pakistan), Addax came to England with a trade caravan when he was very young. He became a page for a powerful knight and worked his way through the ranks and protocols of Medieval England to become a full-fledged English knight serving William Marshal. Addax is part of the brotherhood of Executioner Knights serving the Marshal, but he has a great talent for the tournament circuit. Competing under a standard emblazoned with black dragon, he becomes quite rich.

But something changes the course of his life forever.

A man he thought was a friend.

Addax and Maximillian de Grey, a fellow competitor, are close friends, so close that Addax leaves the tournament circuit to go with his friend to help secure his new legacy when he marries a woman of his father’s choosing. Unfortunately, that’s where the trouble begins, for Maximillian is not noble man when it comes to women. He doesn’t want a wife and he makes that abundantly clear. He has mistresses, openly, in front of his new wife, and steps on everything that marriage stands for.

But the new wife isn’t any ordinary woman. Emmeline de Witt is a sweet, beautiful woman who doesn’t deserve what Maximillian is dishing out. Addax is put in the position of comforting his friend’s wife simply out of duty and a sense of compassion, but the inevitable happens. When the woman Addax loves is abused by her husband, will he look the other way because of the sanctity of marriage? Or will he fight for the woman who has captured his heart, no matter what happens to him in the end? He’s a man of honor, above all… but will honor be what he chooses?

Addax has lost everything in his life – his throne, his identity, his family. But Emmeline… Emmy… gives him hope that he can know joy once again. In her, he can see his destiny.

Or his death.

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