The Blackguard of Windless Wood by Rebecca Ruger (epub) FREE

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The Blackguard of Windless Wood by Rebecca Ruger (epub) FREE Highlander: The Legends Book 5

Banished to Scotland for an indiscretion hardly worthy of the name and in the absence of her father, Eleanor MacAdam is left to defend her small family against an attack from the English. Rescue comes at the hands of a fiercely magnificent Scottish knight and his small but proud army. He stays only long enough to secure her keep and set her young heart aflutter.

Dougal Kildare is pleased to carry out the orders of his king and keep Scots’ homes in Scots’ hands, but he has no plans to take advantage of the doe-eyes the lass is making at him, no matter how captivating he might secretly find her. The illegitimate son of a cruel but powerful northern laird, knowing he is indeed a blackguard, Dougal’s scars run deep. He should not be allowed to taint so fine and innocent a heart as Eleanor’s.

When an edict arrives from her father, advising that Eleanor is expected to wed an English lord, she hatches her own scheme, more suited to her desires. She chases down the knight errant, Dougal Kildare, proposing they wed instead. Having already met his decadent kiss, knowing his heart is not so black as he would have her believe, Eleanor is not in the least discouraged when he counters with a proposal that their marriage be in name only. She has every confidence that she can change his mind.

As with all the Highlander: The Legends, The Blackguard of Windless Woods is a stand-alone novel. The characters from different books do sometimes interact, but these can be read in any order.

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