The Bratva’s Used Bride by Deva Blake (epub)

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The Bratva’s Used Bride by Deva Blake (epub) Levov Bratva Book 7

A much older gangster kidnapped me from the lecture hall and forced me to marry him.
I was diligently taking notes when he came in, guns blazing.
We were together once, but he left, claiming that his world was too dangerous for me.
But now that he’s found out who I really am, he’s decided my voluptuous curves are his alone.

His mansion is a prison, designed for a captive bride like me.
His heart seems like an ice cold stone, impossible to break through.
But the longer he keeps me locked in, the more I see the cracks in it.
And the closer our bodies get, the more I want his cruelness to invade me.

The Bratva are violent and possessive. When they want you, you have no choice but to obey.
I have no choice but to want his frigid hands claiming my curves.
I have no choice but to want his rock hard arms protecting me.
I wonder what he’d do if I were carrying his Bratva baby…would he discard me?

Or would he be the Bratva daddy I’ve wanted all along?

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