The Bunny Blues by Sedona Ashe (epub)

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The Bunny Blues by Sedona Ashe (epub) Hey There, Hop Stuff Book 2

I’m a bunny on the run.

Forced to bond with a fluffle of rabbit shifters who care only for my ability to provide offspring, I’ve spent the last several months tucked away in a burrow. My matched wouldn’t disrespect our elders by publicly rejecting me, but privately, they made their lack of feelings clear by refusing to bond with me. The only time they remembered we were paired, was when I went into heat… and became fertile.

After being betrayed and hurt yet again by the men who were supposed to be my matched, I ran from the burrows. I didn’t think there was anyone who would be willing to help me until I watched a viral video of a raven-haired bunny who’d been claimed by the Alpha of the most powerful pack of wolf shifters on earth. Monroe had faced down the elders of her burrow and offered sanctuary to any bunny who needed it among her wolf pack.

Gathering my courage, I decided to travel across the country and take her up on the offer. Making the journey to Monroe’s pack isn’t the hard part. No, the far more difficult challenge is trying to convince three very persistent wolf shifters that it is impossible for me to be their mate… no matter how much I wished things were different.

But what if the elders are wrong?
What if the rejection I’d suffered from the butthole rabbit shifters means the bond can be broken?

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