The Charming Prince and the Single Mum by Cami Checketts (epub) FREE

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The Charming Prince and the Single Mum by Cami Checketts (epub) FREE Sweet Royal Romance Suspense Book 5

A broken-hearted prince. A single mum hiding secrets to keep her daughter safe. Forced together by a vicious threat, will they rekindle old flames or get burned again?

Malik, the “charming” prince of Augustine, has five advanced college degrees, an upscale condo in Traverse, and a reputation of being quite the ladies’ man. Underneath it all, Malik is unsure of himself and aching for Sophie, the love of his life that betrayed him five years ago, and is only staying away from her because she demanded him to. When Malik catches a glimpse of Sophie catering at his brother Ray’s wedding, he realizes his heart is still completely hers.

Sophie Pederson has worked hard to become a world-renowned chef and provide the best life she can for her sweet daughter Sunny. She tries not to think about how much she still misses Prince Malik, and that beautiful summer five years ago when they fell in love—before her life was turned completely upside down. A victim of a horrendous attack, Sophie was left pregnant and with no other choice but to dump Malik in order to protect him.

Yet, fate reunites Malik and Sophie at General Prince Raymond’s wedding where Sophie receives a threat against her little girl. Refusing to let anything happen to her daughter, Sophie flees the reception. Malik notices her distress and follows her. He is able to help Sophie and her daughter escape, but the danger isn’t far behind.

As Malik and Sophie are thrust together again to protect Sophie’s daughter and the king, will old secrets be unveiled or will the pain continue to fester and poison their chances at happiness?

Don’t miss this new clean romantic suspense series by USA Today Bestselling Author Cami Checketts.

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