The Doctor Prince and the Outsider by Cami Checketts (epub)

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The Doctor Prince and the Outsider by Cami Checketts (epub) Sweet Royal Romance Suspense Book 3

A feisty billionaire framed for murder. The generous ‘Doctor Prince’ who discovers her. Will Prince Steffen believe her, or is she destined to live life on the run?

Hattie Ballard, a billionaire heiress, spends her days traveling and rarely visits home, especially after the tragic death of her parents in an accident two years ago. She leaps from one adventure to the next, trying to forget the wounds of her past.

While paragliding in the Alps, Hattie crash lands into the kingdom of Augustine where she is wanted for a murder she did not commit. She wakes up in the hospital under the care of the charming Doctor Prince Steffan, stranded and desperate to escape before she is thrown in prison. For the first time in years, Hattie has to rely on someone besides herself. As Steffan remains by her side, determined to help, she begins to fall for him, but Hattie knows she could never ask him to leave everything he loves.

Prince Steffan loves his mansion in Traverse, his brothers and friends, and most of all his hospital and the opportunities he has to help and care for others. But despite all the good in his life, he feels like there is something missing. When a beautiful and intriguing young woman comes under his care at the hospital, she lights a fire in him and gets under his skin in the most appealing way. Despite the suspicious circumstances of her accident, Steffan is drawn to Hattie, and finds himself longing to heal her, protect her, and love her. But how can he convince her to trust him?

Hattie wishes the true murderer could be exposed and she could give her broken heart to the handsome prince. But if there’s one thing Hattie Ballard has learned over the years: happily ever after will never happen for her.

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