The Don’s Pregnant Hacker by Amber Row (epub)

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The Don’s Pregnant Hacker by Amber Row (epub)

I’m pregnant by a mafia Don and my father’s enemy.
My father wants me dead for dishonoring the family.
There’s no way I’m marrying the psychopath he picked.
So I left them both looking stupid at the alter,
and was on the next thing smoking.
Now I bartend at the White Rabbit.

A haven for Chicago’s infamous gangsters.
That’s when I met Felix Carlisi.
When he walks in, men instinctively check their guns,
and women were ready to throw their panties at him.
I should’ve stayed clear,
but his deep voice was so hypnotic.

He has the face of an angel,
with the slick tongue of the devil himself,
And before the night ends,
he’s blowing my back out on top of the bar.
Every time I think of him, he shows up like a genie,
fulfilling my every desire.
He doesn’t know I’m the daughter of his arch-enemy.
Now he wants me to work for him and move in for my safety.

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