The Dragon King’s Commander by Amy Sumida (epub)


The Dragon King’s Commander by Amy Sumida (epub)
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Amy Sumida
June 30, 2023
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The Dragon King’s Commander by Amy Sumida (epub) The Dragons of Serai Book 9

My heart’s already been broken by one Dragon King; I won’t let it happen with another.

I’m Commander of the Castle Guard, responsible for the security of the Royal Castle and therefore, in part, the Dragon King of Levahan. The new one. I signed up to serve the last Dragon King, and lost my heart to him. Even now, after he left me for his mate, I still love Belyss. I don’t agree with the way he was pushed off the throne or how readily he went. I understand why he did it, but I like the way his dread let it happen. And I certainly don’t want to like his replacement.

But I do. Too much.
King Valos is nothing like the last king I served. Still, he shares one thing in common with Belyss—he’s quickly becoming my obsession. I can’t let that happen again, can’t go through that kind of utter destruction a second time. So, I’ve tried to keep things professional between us. But when the owls suddenly leave Zasbara and I must work closely with the King to discover what threatens the city, that distance I fostered flies away. My heart is under threat as surely as my home and the fall of either would be disastrous.

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