The Dragon of Valentine’s Past by Julia Mills (epub)

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The Dragon of Valentine’s Past by Julia Mills (epub) The Dragons of Fate Book 5

She’s Fate. He’s a god. What was the Universe thinking?

Take the Omnipotent Being responsible for the beginning, middle, end, and everything in between of the existence of every living being on the blue and green ball we all call home.

Add the man, the king, the Celtic god of Annwn and Welsh god of Death no less, with the cutest butt and most amazing eyes she’s ever seen, who was created just for her by all her relatives – The Powers That Be.

Mix in a lovesick Primordial god who refuses to take no for an answer and possesses the wherewithal to do pretty much anything he wants, and you’ve got a story with thrills, chills, laughs, and a whole lotta love.
The only question is – Is this the one where Fate will actually be denied?

Nobody knows for sure. So, buckle up, Buttercups. It’s gonna be one heck of an interdimensional bumpy ride you’re just gonna love.

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