The Enforcer by Darlene Tallman (epub)


The Enforcer by Darlene Tallman (epub)
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Darlene Tallman
May 8, 2023
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The Enforcer by Darlene Tallman (epub) Zephyr Hills MC Book 1

Tressa Powers hasn’t had an easy life. She’s learned to keep to herself. Growing up, books were her escape. When she finally purchased an e-reader, she found a whole new world— indie authors. Tressa gets the chance to attend a book signing where many of her favorite authors will be. Real-life bikers will also be in attendance. She decides to splurge on a VIP ticket to the event instead of a general admission one since it will come with a swag bag.

While traveling to the hotel she’ll be staying at, she gets a flat tire. She’s in the middle of trying to get the lug nuts off when a tall, tattooed biker stops to help her change it. Even though she doesn’t get a good look at the man, she feels a sense of longing. Something she’s never experienced before. Pushing the sensation aside, she vows to enjoy her once-in-lifetime dream. Tressa doesn’t expect to see him again or be in a position so many of her favorite heroines find themselves in.

Enroute to the clubhouse, Chaos spots a vehicle on the side of the road. From what he can see, it’s a female trying to change the tire. His mother’s teachings return to him causing him to stop and offer her help. Because of the gear he wears while riding, Chaos isn’t able to catch her scent. Once he’s finished helping her, he continues on his way. At the clubhouse, he’s told the club was invited to a book signing so the attendees can get a taste of what a real biker looks like. Zephyr Hills Phantoms MC are shifters; something that’s a well-kept secret among the humans. Regardless, he’s one of the members who is attending. While walking through the venue, he catches a whiff of something positively delicious. Following the scent of lilac, he comes across the woman he helped earlier. His wolf clearly says, “Mate.”

When he watches a horrible club, the Bastions MC, corral his mate into a nondescript van, everyone in the vicinity will find out how he got his road name because he goes berserk.

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