The Enraptured Heir by Merry Farmer (epub)

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The Enraptured Heir by Merry Farmer (epub) The Secrets of Nedworth Hall Book 2

He has sworn off women. She falls in love with him at first sight. But can they fight the attraction between them?

After a single, spoiled season five years before, Lady Angeline O’Shea cannot believe she has been invited to a house party where matches are certain to be made. Everyone is scrambling to discover the identity of Lord Carshalton’s mysterious heir, but Angeline would rather solve the mystery of how to make Lord Rafe McAllister, the Marquess of Rothbury, smile again.

But she has her work cut out for her where this wounded hero is concerned…

Fresh off of a broken engagement in which his reputation was raked through the mud, Rafe wants nothing more than to hide away at Nedworth Hall for the summer, licking his wounds. He supposes he’ll have to marry eventually, but the last woman on earth that he could see as his marchioness is cheerful, angelic, innocent Angeline.

But Angeline’s sweetness enchants him, and before Rafe can stop it, his reluctant fondness for the Irish angel turns into a passion that he cannot deny…

…until his former fiancée shows up at the house party.

PLEASE BE ADVISED – Steam level: Very Hot!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Enraptured Heir is a reworking of a previously published story, The Angel and the Aristocrat. The main characters are the same, but their circumstances, the secondary characters, and the wider plot of the series have changed. You may recognize familiar bits and passages, but this is a new story.

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