The Fallen Bride by Indiana Wake (epub) FREE

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The Fallen Bride by Indiana Wake (epub) FREE Aspen Hollow Brides Book 2

The frontier tests her strength, but love tests her heart.

Once a shimmering star of Boston’s elite, Caroline Hamilton finds herself plunged into a wild, uncultivated world when her family’s name is tarnished by scandal. Without a penny to her name, she ventures westward, binding her future to a man she’s never met.

A stoic gold miner, Benjamin Thompson is wealthy in the currency of the frontier but poor in the ways of love. A widower, his heart is as well-mined as his claims until he’s confronted by his mail-order bride, the dazzling and spirited Caroline.
Navigating the treacherous new landscape of marital expectations proves challenging for Caroline. Fumbling with the realities of frontier life and the unspoken depths of Benjamin’s heart, misunderstandings ensue, weaving a barrier that seems insurmountable.

A malicious enemy descends upon Aspen Hollow, threatening to seize Benjamin’s mine and Caroline’s life. Benjamin is overwhelmed when Caroline shows her true courage. Can Benjamin fight for their love as fiercely as he fights for his land?
In The Fallen Bride, the rugged Colorado wilderness will test a socialite’s resilience and a miner’s heart. Will their love strike gold, or will it crumble like the dust of a spent vein?

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