The First Chord by Nikki Ashton (epub)

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The First Chord by Nikki Ashton Warrior Creek Book 3

Forbidden: Something illicit or nor permitted
The best feeling in the world is being in love. The excitement, the intense desire to see that person every day. Occasionally, love can be hard and brutal, breaking your heart into a million pieces. When you can’t breathe without someone, but they belong to someone else, though, that’s the hardest kind of love. That’s the love that I feel, and there’s nothing that I can do about it.

I’m Ronnie Dwyer bass guitarist of Warrior Creek and I want someone I just can’t have.
Respect: Something which helps to build feelings of trust, safety and wellbeing in a relationship
When you’re being disrespected it’s easy to believe that you’re worthless. Especially when the person belittling you every day is the one who promised to honour and love you. Then, when someone else shows you your worth and gives you your self-esteem back, it’s hard not to fall for them. That’s happened to me, but my feelings don’t count.

I’m Amber Fox, wife of rockstar Jimmy Fox, and I’ve fallen for the man who has brought me back to life, but I can never act upon it.

Can two friends overcome the damage of a past relationship to start again? Or will the consequences be too destructive, even for a love that promises to be epic?

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