The Forbidden Code by Aria Ray & Sarina Hart (epub)

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The Forbidden Code by Aria Ray & Sarina Hart (epub) Griffin Security & Protection Book 4

Emily, always the little sister in her brother’s eyes, finds herself trapped in the midst of a relentless blackmail storm. When she turns to Finn, the skilled security expert and her brother’s off-limits best friend, a dangerous game begins.

Their partnership to unmask the villain ignites an undeniable passion, a forbidden love that threatens everything. Finn, torn between his loyalty to Emily’s brother and his feelings for her, ends their secret affair.

But the stakes grow higher when Emily discovers she’s pregnant with his child.

She conceals the news to protect them all, yet a life-threatening encounter with the blackmailer forces Finn to recognize the depth of his love for her.

In a whirlwind of hidden romance, disapproval, and impending parenthood, will Finn and Emily find their way to a happily ever after? Or will their story be forever shadowed by The Forbidden Code?

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