The Games of Enemies and Allies by K. M. Shea (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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The Games of Enemies and Allies by K. M. Shea (Epub PDF Audiobook) Magic on Main Street Book 2

In the cloak of night, they assume the roles of adversaries, but as the day unfolds, a peculiar camaraderie emerges between them. Amidst the labyrinth of my investigations, a startling revelation amplifies my stress levels – the enigmatic figure who now controls downtown is none other than Considine Maledictus, a formidable vampire of unparalleled power.

Unease settles in as I grapple with the realization, making me even more hesitant to confront him. Yet, to my bewilderment, he intertwines his presence with my inquiries, transcending the boundaries of his territory. The uncertainty looms large – is he there to engage in combat, or does he harbor intentions of offering unexpected assistance?

The complexities of his peculiar behavior take a backseat as I confront another challenge: a clandestine group of local wizards engaging in dubious practices. Their disdain for non-magical beings is no secret, but their sudden proliferation in the city, purportedly aiding humans, raises alarm.

Amidst the enigma, my solace comes in the form of Connor, a vampire ally and neighbor, whose presence usually brings laughter. However, a shift in his demeanor raises concerns, as he becomes increasingly affectionate and touch-sensitive.

Yet, my unwavering commitment remains focused on safeguarding the city. The dilemma lingers – should my apprehension be directed towards the enigmatic wizards or the capricious vampire, oscillating between friend and foe under the nocturnal sky? The answers elude me, as I navigate the intricate web of supernatural alliances and uncertainties.

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