The Girl in Hawaii by A.J. Rivers (Epub & Audiobook)

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The Girl in Hawaii by A.J. Rivers (Epub & Audiobook) Ava James FBI Mystery Book 11

“Don’t look back. There’s someone out there that will save us all.”

When an unexpected call from FBI agent Bella Walker takes Ava James on a red eye flight to Hawaii waters.
Nothing could have prepared her for the surprising mysteries that lie hidden in the Jurassic World-like landscape.

After the 17-year-old, Kelly Winters went missing in Florida.
Ava James worked tirelessly on the case only to reach a dead end.
She had lost hope of finding the truth behind Kelly’s mysterious disappearance.
Until she received a shocking call.

In the middle of the Oahu rainforest, physically battered, but with an unbreakable determination,
Kelly Winters pushed her body to the limit to escape her captors.
Upon hearing the young girl’s story, Ava makes a promise to Kelly that she will follow through until all the other victims are found.
While Ava and Bella unravel the case, they find it linked to a huge trafficking network that has spread its seeds everywhere.
From everyday men to Capitol Hill to Japan to the Middle East.
The case could mean career suicide or even an untimely death.
The stakes are higher than ever. There are enemies to be found in even the police precincts.

This conspiracy is bigger than she could have ever imagined, and no person could save her from the bones that she would unearth.

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