The Hive Queen by L.L. Frost (epub)

The Hive Queen by L.L. Frost (epub)
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L.L. Frost

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The Hive Queen by L.L. Frost (epub) Demonic Messes (And Other Annoyances) Book 4
risly deaths. An ancient evil. Just another day in Clearhelm.

In the dark streets of Clearhelm, a relentless monster preys on men, leaving a trail of mutilated bodies behind.
When the unique wound pattern of the victims creates a media buzz, Sharpe faces pressure to solve the case swiftly or lose his job.

Desperate to put an end to the gruesome murder spree, Captain Sharpe, leader of the Joint Task Force of Paranormal Investigations, once more reunites with The Cleaners, the notorious paranormal mercenaries with a reputation for handling the most dangerous cases.

The Cleaners aren’t what they used to be, though. Losing Darius left them torn apart by grief and guilt as they each deal with his loss in their own way. As the investigation intensifies, they must confront their pain and unite against the formidable foe, but when the battle draws the monster’s attention to one of their own, the stakes escalate, and it becomes a race to discover a way to defeat the ancient evil before they lose another of their team.

Loyalty and mettle are tested as the hunters become the hunted. Can they overcome personal struggles and vanquish the monster before more lives are claimed? Or will their fractured team lead to their downfall?

The Hive Queen is a multi-POV urban fantasy mystery that weaves a web of demons, witches, and gripping suspense, entangling morally gray characters and scorching romance for fans of Karen Marie Moning and Ilona Andrews. Amidst a backdrop of magic and a blurred sense of right and wrong, this gripping tale will leave you yearning for more.

Scroll up to one click and prepare for a pulse-pounding read that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
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