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The Ice Kiss by L. Steele (epub) Standalone Fake Relationship Hockey Romance

He’s the new hockey team captain
My unexpected roommate
And suddenly, my pretend fiancé

Rick Mitchell is the city’s newest favorite son. A hockey sensation, captain of the team, and an intense former marine.
He’s the grumpy athlete where I’m the optimistic PR girl.
Cautious where I take life head-on.
He’s faced battles overseas.
I’m battling memories of a deceitful ex.
The only thing we share? A love for the game and a mutual distaste for my traitorous ex-boyfriend, who’s now captaining our rival team.
So when a housing mix-up puts us together under the same roof, tensions rise.
And as my ex re-enters the scene, Rick concocts a scheme: I’ll pose as his fiancée during a trip back home, to make my ex seethe with jealousy.
All I need to do is play my part, be the fake fiancée, and stay by his side.
But proximity results in complexity, and when the line between make-believe and reality starts to blur it elicits feelings I didn’t know existed.
As days meld into nights, I find myself hoping that our charade is more reality than ruse.
With emotions skating close to the edge and old wounds threatening to resurface, I’m torn.
I swore off men – especially the possessive brooding types like Rick. There’s no way I can fall for him, right? Right?

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