The Lies in the Falls by Elle Gray (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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The Lies in the Falls by Elle Gray (Epub PDF Audiobook) A Sweetwater Falls Mystery Book 6

Now is the perfect time to savor the winter snow in Sweetwater Falls, though the idyllic town holds more than just cozy holiday vibes. Founders Day marks the beginning of the festive season, yet for Sheriff Spenser Song, it’s anything but a tranquil experience. Unexpectedly finding a confidant in her grumpy neighbor, Ryker Makawi, Spenser’s plans for a delightful evening take a sharp turn when the daughter of the influential Gilchrist family interrupts.

Spenser is thrust into action, leading a hunt for the missing matriarch of the Gilchrist clan. However, the investigation takes a bizarre turn, with little adding up and even less making sense. As the body is uncovered in an unexpected manner, the list of suspects grows, casting a shadow over the seemingly peaceful town.

The situation becomes increasingly complex, with nothing and nobody appearing as they seem. When accusations start flying, Spenser finds herself caught in a web of deceit, unsure of whom to trust. Delving into the layers of the Gilchrist family reveals unexpected truths that challenge Spenser’s preconceptions.

In the snowy landscape of Sweetwater Falls, where the holiday spirit mingles with the shadows of mystery, Spenser Song faces a daunting task of unraveling the secrets hidden beneath the picturesque facade of her town.

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