The Little Black Rose by Piper James (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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The Little Black Rose by Piper James (Epub PDF Audiobook)

What’s the worst that could happen when you decide to indulge in a few drinks and end up sleeping with your best friend’s brother? Well, I’m about to experience it firsthand.

Zeke Beckett has always been a mystery—undeniably attractive and just as reserved. I’ve made it my personal mission to unravel his enigma, to break through the barriers he’s erected around himself. My attempts have consistently fallen short, until they didn’t.

A night of revelry leads to Zeke discovering a hidden, secret tattoo of mine, unveiling a side of him I hadn’t anticipated. However, he insists on treating it as if it never occurred, urging me to keep this revelation from his twin sister, who also happens to be my best friend—one of the few people on this planet to whom I can never tell a lie.

I manage to maintain this secret for a while, but then the unexpected unfolds—a pair of little pink lines that change everything. Now faced with a reality-altering revelation, I find myself grappling with the unknown and uncertain, unsure of what my next steps should be. The narrative hints at a journey of navigating unexpected consequences and the complexities that arise when personal relationships and unforeseen circumstances collide.

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