The Lyon Who Loved Me by Tracy Sumner (epub) FREE

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The Lyon Who Loved Me by Tracy Sumner (epub) FREE The Lyon’s Den Connected World

Where broken engagements unveil hidden passions.

Wilhelmina Wright’s unwavering determination for independence fuels her quest to find a desperate husband who has no choice but to embrace her fierce spirit. Enter the daring matchmaker, Bessie Dove-Lyon, who sees Wilhelmina as a risky yet captivating gamble. Who better to pair Wilhelmina with than her incorrigible nephew, Griffin Beckett, Viscount Kent?

A viscount enters the treacherous realm of love.

When Griffin is kidnapped on his wedding day, escape becomes his utmost priority, leaving apologies to his almost-wife for later. Little does he know that his path will again cross Wilhelmina’s when she’s forced to save him from himself.

Amidst broken engagements, hidden motives and second chances, Wilhelmina and Griffin must confront their pasts to unravel the true meaning of love and trust.

Can they find their way back to each other, or will they forever be lost in the shadows of a passion that threatens to destroy them?

Indulge in The Lyon Who Loved Me, where emotions blaze and happy endings reign. Brace yourself for a sizzling romance that will leave you breathless.

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