The Midsummer Bride by Kati Wilde (epub)

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The Midsummer Bride by Kati Wilde (epub) The Dead Lands Book 4

A Barbarian Who Must Lie

When a prideful queen comes to his prison cell with an unbelievable proposal of marriage, Warrick of the Dead Lands is quick to accept, but not merely to secure his freedom. Because he recognizes the powerful jewels the queen wears — jewels pilfered from the temple of a goddess, who unleashed her wrath upon a kingdom. His plan? Pretend to go along with Queen Elina until he can steal the jewels back, then use them to lift the goddess’s curse.

Except the queen isn’t who Warrick assumes she is at first glance, and his deception might cost him everything…

A Queen Who Must Die

Betrayed by everyone she’s ever loved, trusting no one, Elina has spent years searching for the warrior prophesied to overthrow the sorcerer who stole her throne … and Warrick is the one warrior she’s found whose description matches the prophecy. She doesn’t want to marry a barbarian, but she’s running out of time — the sickness ravaging her body means she’ll be dead long before she sees home. Only the enchanted jewels she wears give her the strength to continue on … and her new husband’s touch offers the only pleasure she’s ever known.

But after a life spent running from those who betrayed her, Elina doesn’t know whether to trust Warrick with her kingdom … or her heart.

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