The Money Club by Fiona Lowe (epub)


The Money Club by Fiona Lowe (epub)
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Fiona Lowe
May 3, 2023
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The Money Club by Fiona Lowe (epub)

A gripping exploration of modern greed as bestselling Australian author Fiona Lowe unpicks the moral quagmire of those who trade on the bonds of their closest friendships and family for money.

Izzy Harrington’s fiance is a successful entrepreneur and everyone’s friend, but today she’s waiting for him to get home so she can tell him they’re over. Except Brad never arrives.

Instead, three angry men knock on the door and insist on talking to Brad. When the police arrive asking difficult questions and demanding to see his passport, Izzy’s packed suitcases suddenly take on a whole new meaning.

Brad’s disappearance sends ripples through their small town and a furious mob camps on Izzy’s lawn desperate to recover their losses. They have Izzy in their crosshairs, determined to make her pay for Brad’s audacious con.

As the search intensifies, conflicting clues emerge. Clues that suggest no one really knew Brad – least of all Izzy

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