The Nightmare & The Daydream by Alexis Rune & Jeanette Rose (epub)

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The Nightmare & The Daydream by Alexis Rune & Jeanette Rose (epub)

The Nightmare…

Melinoë, Goddess of Nightmares and Ghosts, mysteriously spawned from the deepest pits of Tartarus, spent centuries barely surviving and enduring torture in the Underworld. Now she spends her life teetering on the brink of insanity and clinging to reality. After one fateful night in a nightclub with her best friend, Persephone, Melinoë gains a stalker in the form of the Titan of the Sun.

The Daydream…

Helios, Titan of the Sun, became instantly obsessed with the little gothic Goddess of Nightmares the second she knocked him out after their tryst in the club bathroom. Since then, he has shined for her and her alone. But war is here, and Helios has some big decisions to make regarding which side he will fight for. Will he choose love or his family?

Some Opposites Should Not Cross Paths…

When tragedy strikes, Melinoë has to use her abilities to bridge the gap between her friends. The problem? Every time she does, she is pushed closer to the edge of complete insanity. Mellie would rather dive headfirst into the River Styx than admit that the only person able to pull her from the deepest recesses of her mind is the one person she can’t stand. Will Melinoë allow herself to open up to the Titan of the Sun? Will Helios choose to fight alongside his family or stand by his friends?

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