The Pretend Christmas Bride by L. Steele (epub)

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The Pretend Christmas Bride by L. Steele (epub)

He’s my new boss
My complete opposite
And my arranged husband.

Edward ‘Priest’ Chase. The country’s most sought-after bachelor is everything I hate.
He’s grumpy where I am of sunny disposition.
Bad-tempered where I’m carefree.
I adore Christmas,
He’s the original Grinch.

As my boss, I can’t stand his glowering presence,
So, when he asks me to marry him to ensure he inherits his company, I refuse.

The only thing we have in common is our loyalty to our families
When his grandfather asks him to marry, he turns to me.
Of course, I refuse him.
When it turns out he’s also my arranged husband I can’t believe it.
But Edward is insistent.

If I marry him, he’ll pay off my father’s debts.
I can’t refuse.
At least this way I’ll have a family of my own, I think.
But Edward has conditions.
This will be a marriage only in name.
I’m heartbroken.
Until we’re stranded during the festive season, in a cabin with only one bed.

Forced to stay in close proximity, our attraction is off the charts.
And when he tells me he has feelings for me, I’m ecstatic.
I’m sure my dreams are finally coming true.
I’m going to get my happily ever after.
Then I find out I married the wrong man.

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