The Pretty Boy vs The Bad Boy by Nicole Dykes (epub)

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The Pretty Boy vs The Bad Boy by Nicole Dykes (epub) On The Track Book 1

I’m the good one, the pretty one.
The one who follows the rules and always takes the high road.
I’ve hidden my true self for so long, I barely know who I am anymore.
But I don’t know if I can do it much longer.
I love the race, but I’m tired of sacrificing my soul to do what I love.

I’m the rebel, the bad one.
I follow no rules on the track or anywhere else. I’m the obnoxious bad boy the fans secretly root for.
I don’t mind playing my role. I’m good at it, and it pays to be the dark to his light.
Until the good boy starts to get to me.
I’m confused and unsure of what I want when it was all so clear before.

They say good always wins, but is that truly the case?
In the race between the far too pretty good boy and the angry bad boy, who will actually win?
Only time will tell.

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