The Queen of Nightmares by R Sullins audiobook

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The Queen of Nightmares by R Sullins audiobook The Nightmare Duet Book 2

Read the heart-wrenching conclusion to the Nightmare Duet by USA Today and International bestselling author R Sullins

Since I woke up in the hospital, everything has changed.

One of the Devil’s Nightmares who swore to protect me paid with his life,
Zero is hurt,
and Jack won’t even look at my scarred face anymore.

When I didn’t think I could take any more heartache,
an unlikely ally brings news that there is another spy,
one that is closer than I could have imagined.

Threats were closing in on all sides,
and I didn’t know who I could trust.
But there was one undeniable truth—
Jack had made me his Queen,
and a Queen will do anything to protect her King.

I was going to turn their Christmas into a bloody nightmare

This is the second book in The Nightmare Duet. It is absolutely necessary to read book one— The Nightmare King

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