The Queen & the King by Jeanette Rose & Alexis Rune (epub)

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The Queen & the King by Jeanette Rose & Alexis Rune (epub) Love and Fate Book 3

God of the Dead. King of the Underworld. The Unseen. The Renowned.

A King without his Queen.
They were at odds for what felt like months living together, and just when he finally felt they were on stable footing, she’s again wrenched from his grasp. Is this their true destiny? To be torn from each other over and over again? Yet, Demeter could never count on their mental connection, one as tied to the Underworld as they are. Too powerful and too old for even Demeter to touch.
Goddess of Spring: The Maiden. The Mistress. The Venerable One.

The Queen without her King.
It’s another day on Olympus, as her mother’s carefully guarded secret. Never seen. Never heard. Except for the dark, mysterious man who visits her dreams.
One who keeps insisting they know each other. Not just know each other He states quite clearly, they’re married.
Destiny. Fate. Fortune. Kismet.
Time’s Up.

Yet the lack of memory isn’t their only problem, the Underworld is under attack. And the Titans are loose. Blood will be spilled. The Destroyer of Worlds will awaken. And nothing will be the same.

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