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May 10, 2023
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The Rain King by Selena (ePUB)

Mysterious. Dark. Deadly.

They say crows are bad omens, but until I met them, a single crow was my only friend.

Then the boys next door come to welcome me to the neighborhood.

Maddox, the mysterious, tattooed, six-foot-four wall of muscle who glares at me like I’m the enemy but protects me like I’m a treasure.

Lennox, the devastatingly gorgeous flirt who charms me with his criminal smiles and melts me with his gentle kisses… While hiding a sinister secret.

They’re twin brothers, each more dangerous than the other, each more irresistible. Loyal only to their crew, the Murder of Crows, they refuse to let an outsider like me get too close.

I should have seen the omen and run, but by the time I realize that, it’s too late. My heart belongs to both men, but only one can have me. Suddenly I’m caught between them in a battle that can only end in tragedy.

But which one of us will be the casualty in this war?

***The Rain King is a *dark romance* meant for 18+ readers who have *NO TRIGGERS.* It is a complete standalone. Book 2 is about a new couple.

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