The Secret Diary of a Broody Bengali by Halima Khatun (epub)

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The Secret Diary of a Broody Bengali by Halima Khatun (epub) The Secret Book 4

First comes love… then comes marriage… now the nosey auntie’s are asking when I’m going to have a baby.

In this laugh-out-loud, heartwarming romantic comedy, our strong female protagonist – a British Bengali girl – is contemplating starting a family. But with a blossoming career and a transient life away from family, is she truly ready for the life changing journey of becoming a mum?

The meddling aunties, competitive cousins, and her adorable, yet overbearing, mother all have something to say about it. As the community chimes in with unsolicited opinions, our heroine must navigate the noise while staying true to herself.
Set against the backdrop of a vibrant and culturally rich community, this romcom delves into the themes of family, identity, diversity and belonging. Through laughter, love, and acerbic, glass half empty pessimism, our endearing heroine embarks on a journey of self-discovery and self love.

Blending her signature humour with bags of emotion, Halima Khatun’s The Secret Diary of a Broody Bengali is an unputdownable tale that will have you eagerly turning the pages, desperate for just one more chapter.

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