The Siesta Key Retreat by Grace Meyers (epub)

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The Siesta Key Retreat by Grace Meyers (epub) Seaside Melodies Book 1

Her husband’s death crushed her. But can she find peace by completing his greatest dream?

When Robert’s illness struck, everything changed. The loss of her high school sweetheart left a hole in Juliana’s heart that transformed the outgoing and compassionate woman into a shell of grief and pain. Their home, once filled with laughter and love from their foster children, became cold and empty.

But after a search through his old belongings unearths Robert’s secret dream, Juliana is infused with a newfound sense of purpose that drags her out of her sorrow. Determined to finish her husband’s work, she and her “perfect” – yet estranged – sister embark on a turbulent and emotional adventure to build his dream house.

Faced with roadblocks, troublesome contractors, and unspoken family drama that threatens life-changing consequences, Juliana pours her soul into realizing Robert’s last wish. With an unlikely new friendship blossoming between her and the architect Ezra, can Juliana embrace her new purpose and find a new direction in life? Or will the pressure cause her to retreat back into her shell?
Beautifully written as a heartwarming tale that champions the healing power of friendship, family, and love, Siesta Key is a feel-good contemporary women’s fiction series that sprinkles in the perfect amount of suspense, wholesome romance, and puzzling mysteries. Scroll up and order your copy today!

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