The Signature Move by Cassandra Diviak (epub)

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The Signature Move by Cassandra Diviak (epub)

Two athletes, one shared rink, and a rivalry heating up on and off the ice.

LOGAN BECKETT has one final season to secure his pro or college hockey dreams. As the team captain of the Waybrook Winter Wolves, the USHL’s worst-performing team, Logan works tirelessly to transform his teammates from the league’s laughingstock into the next Anderson Cup champions. With the upcoming season and some promising performances under his leadership, all eyes are on him to take the underdogs to victory.
But when a world champion figure skater moves into his small town, taking up rink time and snatching the spotlight away from the team’s efforts, Logan’s determined to hate her. Yet that becomes more of a challenge than he expected when facing off against a gentle, graceful skater like Ava.

AVERIE “AVA” LAURIER plans to spend her first independent season living with her coach in the small town of Waybrook, dreaming of a fresh start. Without her parents looming over her every decision, her hopes to reinvigorate her love of skating seem promising. For the first time in almost nineteen years of life, she has a chance to taste true freedom from the expectations befitting a former world champion and the darling of Team USA.
She doesn’t understand why Logan dislikes her so heavily, but she commits to ignoring him and scoring an all-gold season. However, Waybrook isn’t a big enough town to stop their paths from colliding.

When the gold-medalist skater and the underdog hockey captain clash, it’s only a matter of time before ice-cold hostility melts into passion.

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