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MK Lorber
May 5, 2023
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The Sins of an Heir by MK Lorber (ePUB)

What happens when a human spy falls in love with her Faeblood husband?

Sent undercover as the wife of a future High Lord, all Maia wants is to gather enough intel so she can return to her simple life as a militia soldier. But when forced to bend to the dictates of high society, she struggles to ditch her fighting leathers for frilly couture.

Amongst the magical nobility, life favors those with sharp tongues and ambiguous morals — men like Erik, expert marksman and careless rebel. As the only son to the most powerful member of the Faeblood High Table, he straddles the line between doing what’s right and doing what’s easy.

At first glance, the Kingdom of Morvak seems like a prosperous mountain realm. But the greedy ruling Faeblood are in constant fervor to assert their control over the human populace. For generations, the fragile relationship between the peasant class and magical nobility has been stable.

Until Erik’s father abolishes the governing High Table, creating a tyrannical monarchy.

As Erik and Maia navigate the treacherous politics of the Castle, they must decide if embracing the passion smoldering between them is worth the risk of falling for the enemy.

Perfect for those who crave spice in their adventures, The Sins of an Heir is Erik and Maia’s story — featuring a near-feral hero, a fish-out-of-water heroine, and a steamy happily-ever-after.

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