The Surprise Heir by Merry Farmer (epub) FREE

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The Surprise Heir by Merry Farmer (epub) FREE The Secrets of Nedworth Hall Book 3

Sometimes the right man comes along in what seems like the wrong package, and sometimes making the wrong decision turns out to be the right way to fall in love….

American dollar princess Melanie Pennypacker has accepted the surprise invitation to join a matchmaking house party for the summer for one reason and one reason only—to find a partner. But not a marriage partner. Melanie is looking for a business partner to invest in her dream of opening a new department store of the sort that are taking London by storm. But no man wants to invest in a business-minded woman.

Anyone with eyes can see that valet Frank Crymble is the illegitimate first-cousin of his employer, Lord Avery O’Shea, and like the rest of the O’Shea family, Frank has ambitions above his station and a penchant for scandal. When he catches Melanie behaving badly away from the other house party guests, the two of them instantly come up with a scheme that will get them both what they want.

But a marriage of convenience might be harder to pull off than Melanie and Frank suspect when every one of their friends is against the match. And when Melanie’s father shows up at the house party to drag her home, both her and Frank’s dreams hang in the balance. Until they hatch a plan to convince everyone they are deeply in love…including themselves.

PLEASE BE ADVISED – Steam level: Very Hot!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Surprise Heir is a reworking of a previously published story, The Buccaneer and the Bastard. The main characters and their love story are the same, but their circumstances, the secondary characters, and the wider plot of the series have changed. You may recognize familiar bits and passages.

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