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The Trade by Ki Stephens (epub) Coastal Rivals Book 1

JADE Jennings is tired of her day-to-day life—from the boring, senseless boys at Dayton U to the repetitive beats her editor assigns. She’s looking for excitement, novelty, a good story to sink her teeth into, and a boy she can write home about.

She’s a driven and ambitious journalist, and she has an innate love for the game of football. She’s also the younger sister to an NFL superstar, which means she’s not interested in the aimless, student-athletes at her school.

But maybe, for entertainment purposes, she could spend just one night trying them on for size.

THEO Westman-Cooke, aka “West,” has one goal in this life: to be drafted into the NFL. But his coach doesn’t support an early declaration, his grades (and scholarship) are slipping, and he only has one more year to make his college career count for something.

Oh, wait.

There is one other thing that West might want—a chance to spend the night with his favorite red-headed cheerleader. When the opportunity suddenly strikes, it’s nearly impossible to pass up the perfect trade.

In just a few months, Dayton U’s football team is hosting their annual spring banquet. The catch? Players must go home with another teammate’s date. To the rest of the team, it’s a simple, secret trade. But for Jade and West, it’s the night that everything changed.

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