The Vampire’s Bargain by Jasmine Walt (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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The Vampire’s Bargain by Jasmine Walt (Epub PDF Audiobook) Empire of Eternal Night Book 1

Kitana Nightshade, a formidable witch in Valentaera, emerges as a staunch defender of both witchkind and humanity, standing against the menacing threat posed by the vampire kingdom. Renowned as the deadliest vampire hunter in the world, her world is shattered when her lover, in a heartless betrayal, seals her away in a magical prison with the sinister intent of claiming her power for himself.

Imprisoned for fifty long years, Kitana’s thoughts are consumed by a singular desire for vengeance. However, when she is finally released from her magical confines, it’s not by a fellow witch but by an enigmatic and dangerous vampire lord. The proposition he presents is straightforward – assassinate the vampire king, and in return, he pledges to aid her in reclaiming her coven and exacting revenge.

In ordinary circumstances, Kitana would never consider an alliance with a vampire. Yet, the world she left behind half a century ago has transformed. The sun has vanished, vampires now reign over human kingdoms, and witches seem to have disappeared. Trust becomes a scarce commodity in this altered reality, and Kitana finds herself navigating a realm cloaked in darkness and abandoned by the gods. In a world where self-reliance is crucial, she must grapple with the unsettling revelation of a profound truth and make a profound decision – prioritize her quest for vengeance or weigh the cost on her own heart. The unfolding tale entwines themes of betrayal, trust, and the high stakes of a world plunged into darkness, challenging Kitana to redefine her priorities and confront the shadows that threaten to consume her.

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