The Vet of the Mountain by Tessa Klein (epub) FREE

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The Vet of the Mountain by Tessa Klein (epub) FREE Mountain Men of Whispering Winds

He’s big and burly. An older mountain man who cares for animals.
My puppy knocked him off his feet, and he swept me off mine…

When it becomes clear that my mother’s matchmaking will never end, I do what every unlucky-in-love woman dreams of: I flee the country.

Ahem. To the country.
I’m a kindergarten teacher—not flush with cash!

New Job. New city. A fresh start.
Easy, right? Wrong.

A tree falls on my rental cabin the first week.
The puppy I adopt is growing exponentially and will be the size of a bear by the end of the month.
And when the handsome mountain man my dog/baby bear knocks over asks for my number, I panic and give him the first phone number that pops into my head: My favorite Chinese restaurant.

In short, my life is still a hot mess. And destined to become hotter when said mountain man strides into my classroom to pick up his nephew.

If looks could burn, I’d be smoldering ash. This muscular, mountain of a man is staring at me like I’m a precious gift. Like I’m the only woman in the world. Like I’m his.

Gulp. I think I might be.

Because the way he’s looking at me makes it clear that he’s not going to let me slip through his fingers again…

The Vet of the Mountain is an age-gap, insta-love romance featuring a burly veterinarian and the kindergarten teacher he’s obsessed with.

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