The Wanted One by Brittney Sahin (epub)

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The Wanted One by Brittney Sahin (epub)

When a reality dating show becomes a race for their lives.

Charlotte Lennox has spent the last decade on the run, protecting her sister from a past she hopes remains buried. Meeting a handsome and funny stranger, only to discover he’s not who he says he is, prompts her to do what she does best—disappear.

One month and one more wrong-place-wrong-time situation later, Charlotte and her sister wind up on a dating show with Mr. Hot and Humorous.

Quickly realizing they’re both keeping secrets from each other, it doesn’t take Charlotte long to figure out he’s not there for love or money: he’s on a mission.

Jack London, former Army Special Forces and a loyal, trustworthy friend, is also a man who’s given up on love. But a chance encounter with a stunning, mysterious woman gives him hope, along with the most memorable night of his life . . . only for her to slip away the next day without a word.

When an undercover assignment with his private security firm, Falcon Falls, takes Jack to a dating-adventure game in the wild, the last person he expects to see is his dream woman. And they’ve just been coupled up and placed on the same team.

Forced to remain close and learn to trust each other, it becomes impossible to resist temptation, and things quickly heat up in the jungle.

But when their team goes from being under the spotlight to under fire, they discover just how deadly of a game love can be.

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brittney Sahin comes a thrilling romantic suspense novel in the Falcon Falls Security series. The Wanted One may be read as a standalone.

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