The Weaver and Her Orc Warrior by Sirena Song (epub)

The Weaver and Her Orc Warrior by Sirena Song (epub)
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Sirena Song

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The Weaver and Her Orc Warrior by Sirena Song (epub) The Three Sisters of Fate Book 1

A cursed weaver.

Shaelyn spends her days not as the peace bride she imagined when her village sent her to the warlord of Shadowledge but as a death weaver. Bound to her tower and loom by a cursed mirror, she is forced to use her magic for the warlord’s dark plans. She has given up on her magic and of rescue, resigned to seeing life in the reflection of her mirror instead of living it.

When a flaming arrow shoots through her tower window, Shaelyn finds herself on the verge of freedom. But is her curse finally broken?

A cursed race.

Lanok, an orc warrior and chieftain of his village, is haunted by a pair of tortured green eyes that find him each night in his dreams. As a descendent of the cursed fae race, now called orcs, he is bound to destroy himself with bloodlust unless he can meet his fated mate and prove his loyalty.

With help from the fates, Lanok travels across the lands to find the woman from his dreams. But, now that he has her, he has to convince his human mate to trust him and bind their souls before the bloodlust can take hold.

As they journey to the orc’s home, Shaelyn must learn to trust her magic, herself, and her mate.

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