The Wolf’s Bullied Mate by Layla Silver epub


The Wolf’s Bullied Mate by Layla Silver epub
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Layla Silver
April 4, 2023
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The Wolf’s Bullied Mate by Layla Silver epub

He’s a bully and picks on me constantly. Now I’m forced to be his mate.
He insults me and wants to see me fail, making me tense.
He wants my curves under him in more ways than one, but I won’t let it happen.
Until the alpha declares us mates, and my belly is growing with his baby…

I don’t want to be his mate, but I have no choice but to follow orders.
And so I move into our new cabin unwillingly.
The tension between these four walls is becoming unbearable.
And there’s only one way to clear it up.

He wants to be in charge, wants to have control.
He gets grumpy and angry with me, threatening to kiss me.
But when he does, I find my body willing to comply with his possessive hands.
And as the baby wolf in my belly grows, I wonder…

Can we be a little family?

In the small town of Beaufort Creek, people believe in arranged marriages. Because when two shifters are brought together to overcome old resentments and form strong alliances, the power of love heals all…

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