These Vicious Wolves by G. Bailey & Scarlett Snow (epub)

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These Vicious Wolves by G. Bailey & Scarlett Snow (epub) Chrysalis Pack Book 1

Fated mates don’t exist in my world—not until two alphas claim that I’m theirs.

Abandoned at birth, I’ve grown up believing I was worthless nobody until my sixteenth birthday, when I was found out to be an Omega. Since Omegas are rare and hunted by alphas to increase their power, I’m given to the future alpha of the Solaris pack—a vicious wolf who treats me worse than his father ever did.

Until one night when the fae attack, and I’m seen by another, much stronger alpha—one who claims I’m his fated mate.

But that’s impossible and not something I want.

Elias takes me with him regardless, determined to win me over despite the walls I’ve spent years building around myself. When another alpha claims I’m fated to him too, my Omega instincts rise to the surface for the first time, and with each day that passes I want nothing more than to surrender myself to them.

To let them claim me.

My only refuge is down in the shadows of a dungeon where the mysterious fae prisoner says I owe him a debt. I know all fae are evil and dangerous, but there’s something about Rueven I can’t resist.

Wolves and fae have always been at war with each other, and the moon and star gods are forever watching. But maybe if I help Rueven escape then the war between our species might finally start to end.

These Vicious Wolves is a full-length Omegaverse romance with possessive alpha males, found family, strong female characters, and a main character doesn’t have to choose. This is book one in the Chrysalis Pack series.

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