To Flail Against Infinity by J P Valentine (epub)


To Flail Against Infinity by J P Valentine (epub)
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J P Valentine
April 13, 2023
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To Flail Against Infinity by J P Valentine (epub) (The Stargazer’s War (A Sci-fi Cultivation Epic) Book 1)

Infinite power, infinite danger.

Growing up mortal, I only knew a few things about cultivators. They like their hierarchies, they hate disrespect, and if you leave one out in deep space long enough, they’ll go homicidally insane.

It turns out, there’s a reason for that. Away from all the gravity wells and biospheres that generate natural energy, things get just quiet enough to notice the infinite ocean of qi entirely incompatible with our own.

I should know. I’ve seen it.

Only difference is, I didn’t go mad. I wasn’t a cultivator. Technically, I wasn’t even alive.

But now I can sense it. I can touch it.

I can cultivate it.

From the bestselling author of This Trilogy is Broken! and Dungeon Devotee comes the cultivation epic you’ve been waiting for.

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